Horse Float Shed

Horse Float Shed

Project Scope
This 250m2 Shed was for a client in Timaru that builds and fixes horse floats. They required a shed for their work alongside some additional space for their farm equipment.

We were contracted from a Christchurch supplier to build this shed for them. After coming on board, we quickly realised the supplier had made a mistake and had sent a shed which was smaller than originally quoted.

As a result, we got engineers in to draw up piers for the shed to sit on top making the shed 300mm taller for our clients to fit the horse floats in. We drilled down 1500mm with a 600mm auger and installed a 1700mm steel cage in each pier hole that was engineered to handle the additional 300mm. Poured with 25mpa concrete to ensure the pier holes were more than strong enough to handle the shed.

Windy conditions – Being on top of a hill and being exposed to a lot of the elements were challenging at the best of times, to combat this we started a lot earlier some days 5 am starts to install portal frames and girts before the wind picked up, roofing started at 5:30 am to beat the wind.

“The team from Baseline Construction did a great job in building this very large shed, they were efficient in the way of putting the shed together ( they still worked in the pouring rain to ensure the shed was built in time) They were very well priced and a pleasure to have them on-site, would recommend 100%.”

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