2 Bay Garage & Sleepout

2 Bay Garage & Sleepout

Project Scope
The shed was for a client that wanted a 2 bay garage and a sleepout. The reason for the sleepout was that the client was moving back to the area to build their new home so the sleepout was needed to live on site.

This shed was our first building out on our own, we were contracted to do this job via a supplier in Timaru. As we were called in part way through the job, and after the initial pad was poured, one of the biggest obstacles we faced was the fact that the pad itself wasn’t square.

The pad was also actually bigger than the building, so the first thing we needed to do was rectify the mistakes made by the previous contractor.

We remeasured the pad, squared the concrete pad and cut out the existing concrete to ensure the concrete slab was correct for the building.

Once the concrete pad was fixed the building went up and was completed a lot sooner than the clients expected.

“We didn’t meet the team from baseline Construction until halfway through the project, we were surprised in how quickly they were able to put up the building alongside great craftsmanship. They were a breeze to work with and put in the long hours to ensure the project was done and they completed the building well ahead of schedule.”

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